Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I think this is my first post in IIMC. A lot of things have changed. Night outs which were once a delight has become an exhaustive affair. Eating barely a meal a day making it up with noodles and rolls has become a regular diet. With less than about four hours sleep a day, Calcutta has literally turned me into a Zombie. I always feel like am in half-sleep mode barely able to concentrate on anything, subjects in particular. But even amidst all these, the best part is that I enjoy the remarkable, unforgettable experience that am going through at this phase of my life. I would be eternally grateful for IIMC for giving me the best and probably the brightest part of my student life.

I've to accept the fact that am ruthlessly unfair to put the blame entirely on the institution. I know am not very good at managing time. When I really should be making presentations, I play FIFA. The times that should have allocated to projects have been allocated to watching Game of Thrones (or Sherlock). Most important of all, when I really should be sleeping, I end up not just doing that. Result - Wake up ten minutes before the first class (usally relying on Wingies), almost not get ready for the class, sleep-run to the Academic block and sleep-wonder why the heck is the Marketing prof at the dias for a Fin class.

Speaking of the Academic Block, I must really be writing the Profs and the courses. Being a Mechy, I really had no idea of how vast, deep and beautiful the other areas of science were. Every subject that we study here (mind you, am only a first semester-er) is artistic in its own sense. Or atleast the Profs make it that way. Though at times I feel there's nothing new to learn, it's the structured and organized thought process that makes the subjects fascinating. But even amidst my adoration for the courses, I keep wondering why marks never cross the class average. Probably, I guess I'll figure that out before I leave IIMC.

There was time after I gave the CAT when I kept thinking whether the effort I put in for preparation is worth it. Whether leaving a 10L job and joining an IIM will make any sense. Now I say with great pride and no regrets, it worth every moment of that hardwork. Because the institution, along with the knowledge you garner here and the network you earn, keeps reminding you constantly that it'll make sure it gives not what you need but what you deserve. I guess one has to come here and live this place to understand what I mean.

Yours Aye