Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I think this is my first post in IIMC. A lot of things have changed. Night outs which were once a delight has become an exhaustive affair. Eating barely a meal a day making it up with noodles and rolls has become a regular diet. With less than about four hours sleep a day, Calcutta has literally turned me into a Zombie. I always feel like am in half-sleep mode barely able to concentrate on anything, subjects in particular. But even amidst all these, the best part is that I enjoy the remarkable, unforgettable experience that am going through at this phase of my life. I would be eternally grateful for IIMC for giving me the best and probably the brightest part of my student life.

I've to accept the fact that am ruthlessly unfair to put the blame entirely on the institution. I know am not very good at managing time. When I really should be making presentations, I play FIFA. The times that should have allocated to projects have been allocated to watching Game of Thrones (or Sherlock). Most important of all, when I really should be sleeping, I end up not just doing that. Result - Wake up ten minutes before the first class (usally relying on Wingies), almost not get ready for the class, sleep-run to the Academic block and sleep-wonder why the heck is the Marketing prof at the dias for a Fin class.

Speaking of the Academic Block, I must really be writing the Profs and the courses. Being a Mechy, I really had no idea of how vast, deep and beautiful the other areas of science were. Every subject that we study here (mind you, am only a first semester-er) is artistic in its own sense. Or atleast the Profs make it that way. Though at times I feel there's nothing new to learn, it's the structured and organized thought process that makes the subjects fascinating. But even amidst my adoration for the courses, I keep wondering why marks never cross the class average. Probably, I guess I'll figure that out before I leave IIMC.

There was time after I gave the CAT when I kept thinking whether the effort I put in for preparation is worth it. Whether leaving a 10L job and joining an IIM will make any sense. Now I say with great pride and no regrets, it worth every moment of that hardwork. Because the institution, along with the knowledge you garner here and the network you earn, keeps reminding you constantly that it'll make sure it gives not what you need but what you deserve. I guess one has to come here and live this place to understand what I mean.

Yours Aye

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My favourite Soundtracks

The whole world is glittering,
Now that my love is in the air..
My heart is becoming hers,
Its touching the sky, jumping up and high..  - Jab we Met

Nothing fellas, I just watched the movie and the song just clung on to me. I've now watched it like a fifty times and even then it refuses to sink in. Good movie and a good song to finish it on a high. In fact, I watched the movie as a part of my preparation towards me writing a post about my favourite songs from Hindi and English movies I've seen. But before we dwell into that, I've got to say something very important. Something that I may write, blog, say and/or sing on and on without a teensy bit of tiring sensation.

Well, I wrote about my preparation towards my higher education and how it swallowed all my favourite leisures in the past year. Above all, it taught me how serious I can be after all the time during which I thought I was the most insouciant creep that can ever be. Yes, I did it. I converted my IIM-Calcutta call. It was an awesome feeling. After having toiled for about a year, losing track of everything I loved to do, it was an all in all fantastic thing to feel.

But lemme tell you something. Lemme tell you the most toughest part of the journey. For those who think it is a) Cracking the ever-un-understandable Reading Comprehensions or b) Freaky Logical Reasoning or c) why-the-heck-should-I-do-this-without-using-a-calculator Quants, thats not true. Its not even the over-hyped MBA interviews. The toughest part is the wait-for-results. Oh my God.. I cant even believe that I'll go bat-shit-crazy during that time. It seemed that the Admissions Offices of the IIMs have decided to release the results for the current year along with the results for the next batch. Never mind, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Well, enough of this. Back to business, I was planning to do a bit more elaborate post on the songs and the movies but it now seems that I wont be able to do them. We'll see...

Supermassive Black hole - Twilight - I dont think the movie needs an introduction. If am right, I believe that I've written about the movie already in one of my posts. But the song.. hmm.. no, I haven't yet. Its one of my favourite songs from a non-Tamil movie. The first time I heard it with the movie, I somehow missed it and did not even realize that there is a song in the background. But later, when I realized that there is a song there, I fell for it and it was fantastic. The vocal was great as was the whole sound track of the movie. In fact, it actually made me pose a question in Quora - 'I think Twilight has the best soundtrack of all movies. What do you say?'. Apparently it was an instinctive emotion but even then there is no doubt that the sound tracks were too good for someone to miss.

Pocketful of Sunshine - Ugly Truth - The best of the best. God, this is amazing. This was the first time I watched a full-time song in an English movie. Atleast in the ones that I've watched. Usually they'll be running along with the movie for a very short duration but this was different. The lyrics were absolutely impressive. I used to think how lucky the boy whose girl has got this song as her caller tune whenever he calls. The song has that kind of a romantic feel, especially the 'Take me away, some secret place..' part.

Fantasy - Rush Hour - I used the best-of-the-best for the previous song. But does that mean I cant use it here again. No way. An equally incredible song that has the ability to sweep music lovers off their feet. This song completely had me in a high for a week or two. I downloaded the song, had it in my Iphone and was repeating endlessly. I loved it and still do. The music was way much extraordinary that I tried searching for the chords to play it my Guitar. Honest my mistake. Should not have done that coz.. well, you know how 'good' at Guitaring.

There are a couple more and I think its best if I continue them in the next post. Overall, the past few days have been great and maybe in a month, I would be leaving for Kolkata to be a part of one of the best institutes of India. Feels like a dream. See in the next post, and until then...

Yours Aye,

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The first week of December '13

Well.. Well.. Well.. My blog has been idle for so long, I decided to liven it again. Right from December last, I have been thinking about what to write and in these three months of thinking time, I've a list of things which could take the next three or four posts. But I'm not gonna do that. Maybe I think I have become too lazy to write though I like this blogging thing. Actually, it's one of my many faults, that I stop doing things that I love doing just because I'm lazy.

During the first week of December, I decided I would write about three things that happened that month. First, I solved one of the difficult problems on Project Euler. I felt very happy coz at the time I felt it was one of the challenging problems to solve. It indeed was, taking six hours of computing time to finally find the answer. Never mind, when I actually checked the posts of other solvers, I found that all have used the same idea as mine but the difference in programming Language has meant that I had to burn six computer hours. I use Mathematica and for some reason, which may include me using the fool's way, I'm still not able to optimize my computing time. It was Problem 448 (the LCM problem) for which we have to find first moment of Euler's Totient function. OOhhh... I did it and when Project Euler recognized my answer as correct, I had this awesome feeling.

That same day, we had the Badminton Tournament. I participated in the Doubles tournament with one of my colleagues. He was an extremely talented player, the most 'cleanest' I've ever seen. I say 'Clean' because I've seen anyone play that professionally. The way he moves around the court, the way he handles the shuttle, the dedication he has over the game, it's just makes him a type of player that I would try to emulate. The tournament was all too easy for us. We reached the Finals without any trouble at all beating all our opponents hands on. But the Final was one I try to forget. It was Brutal. We lost both the sets with a single digit score and I was there in the court acting like a alien who has never heard of the word 'Badminton'. But in a way I'm glad, that I learnt a game, participated in a tournament and could end it with a Runner-up medal.

The next day, I participated in the Chennai Marathon. I've never participated in one before and my company sponsored the fee involved which made it an even easier decision for me. I'm kind of a heavy smoker which gave me a feeling that I would not be able to run even the mini-marathon. But I've always been confident of my stamina and knew its just a matter of will power than anything else. I reached the venue earlier and the crowd there was amazing. People from all ages and many different places gathered there and were boosting the runners of the Half and Full marathons. It was then our turn and started with the crowd. With a mixture of walking, jogging and running I did complete the run. I was almost exhausted when I was two or three hundered meters away from the finish line but was able to garner all my energy back to give myself one final boost that took me to the finish line. I received a medal which I have hung gloriously in my place. It was a very special moment.

That pretty much sums December and I think that's a bit of what I wanted to write but I'm out of cigarettes now and I've to go get some. I'll have me writing about the results my CAT and what happened thereafter in the next post. Take Care.

Until then
Your aye,