Sunday, November 25, 2012

Well, QPR finally proved that they really aren't a bunch of fools running after the ball. The match went well for United though, scoring three goals in the space of nine minutes to rebound after a disappointing first half. I was watching the match and thro'out the first half it seemed that ManU were playing without any enthusiasm whatsoever. Though they didn't change their play much after the half time whistle, it appears to me they were struck by a sudden urge of winning rage somewhere in the mid-second half. The match seemed lost when QPR scored their first considering United's lack of attacking football, but luck always favours the Devils. And, It's upto Chelsea today to dethrone City from the top of the table today but their loss of form is a bit worrying for me. Well, the match starts in two and a half hours and I can't wait to watch.

With the match between Mourinho's men and City drawn, City is now out of the Champions league now. Chlesea's spot is kinda hanging in that they not only have to win their next match, which I suppose they will, they'll also be praying Shaktar's lose by atleast two goals to have Chelsea in the knock-out stage of the game. Madrid and Arsenal are comfortably in but they are placed second in the group which may give them some tough football in the KO round. This version of CL is going to be amazing and am looking forward to it.

Back to business now...

It's ok, bunk a few classes, goof up a few interviews, fall in love. We are people, not programmed devices. - Chetan Bhagat, Indian author - Excellent quote.. especially if you know the mindset of India's younger generation. Well, that's the way we were brought up here. Always under the pressure of wanting to live up to our parent's dreams (My parents are an exception though). Bhagat was an excellent writer mainly because of his precision-al understanding of an Indian teen's psychology. His first novel, 'Five point someone', was one of the best I've read and believe it or not, I finished it cover to cover at a single shot. It's like kinda unputdownable. The quote's great and I respect it except for the third part. It ruins all life has given and will give to you. Beware!

You have enemies? Good, that means that you've stood for something sometime in you life. - Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during World War II - That's a quote for me. Only that I have many enemies. Not enemies actually, but more of an Ex-Friends type. Owing to sudden loss of temperance and going bat-shit insane, I erupt suddenly with an explosive evilness that distances people who were once close to me. Well, Churchill's definitely not quoting for a guy like me, but even then the quote cannot be simply ignored. It's preciousness only comes when you realize that you are mature enough to pay the price it takes to attain something you love, be it people or..or.. anything else.

Bread baked without love feeds but half a man's hunger. - Khalil Gibran, Lebanese Poet - I read this somewhere in an article regarding Abdul Kalam. Must be his Biography or a wiki page of him. I don't know why I like this quote, am not much of this type but somehow the quote stuck on my mind. Of course, it's a great deal true, people are too busy to understand what it means to feed someone. I plan to read some of the works of Gibran someday, but I've a long list of books to be read and it would take sometime for Gibran's to make it.

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. - Bill Gates, American Business Magnate - Gates, by far one of the greatest minds in modern Computer technology. He introduced a pretty cool user interface at an age when people must learn to use the computers. His ideas kinda revolutionized the use of personal computers, that Microsoft became a word synonymous with a PC. It took almost two decades for firms from around the world to break into his tightly clenched share of Operating systems and that should tell everything you need to know about him. This quote which he must have said to himself also applies equally to most of us coz the moment we conceited, we slip into the path of defeat. Do you mind to disagree??

Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious. - Oscar Wilde, Irish Poet - Just by reading his Wiki page, I became huge fan of Wilde. Almost seventy five to eighty percent of his quotes are damn amazing. No surprise he is saluted as the famous writer of this generation. I think Wilde will appears atleast twice in my list of favourite quotes and that he earned it. I have no other choice but to put them here coz they are damn-as-hell compelling. This quote is hilarious and summarizes all of feminism in a curt of ten words. Especially for a, ahem.. Misogynist, like me nothing can be more delightfully gratifying.

Well, I am sharing with you my mix of favourites and in a sense, blogging gives me a frame of relaxation. Sometimes I may sound a bit boring, a bit foolish and a bit arrogant. But that is all am made of and taking them out would mean no me at all. I can only hope, when you finish reading you don't think that you've wasted some seven minutes of your life reading some fool posting something that is idiotic by any standards. Have a good day guys and as always, Write ya soon.

Until then
Yours Aye,

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's nine days since I blogged. Amidst other things, I travelled to my native to celebrate Diwali aka The festival of lights. It's really amazing what a little hiatus and the presence of siblings and in-laws can do. Am not a frequent traveller, a kind who would like to hang on to the regular routine. In fact, am searching for the word which means 'fear of changing from the usual routine'. Glad if you could suggest me something on that. This vacation, which lasted for five days, was a little boring but when I came back to Chennai I felt like an alien. Almost new to the place with memories that taunted me a week ago slowly fading into darkness. And that's why we are gonna go back to our 'List of favourites' in our posts today.

So what is going to be about? Well, I gave it a lot of thought and came up with quotes. I've always liked quotes regardless of the subject that varies as much from religion to science (that's not a big deal of an 'as much', isn't it?). I've my own list of one-liners (I rather prefer one-liners than quotes) which I plan to blog about in the forthcoming posts. Am not sure how much you would enjoy this but somehow I believe the quotes you like more or less kinda define who you are. Again, the order has nothing to do with my level of liking but the one in which the thoughts pile up my head.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle, Greek philosopher - First of all, Aristotle is one of the most influential man in human history. His ideas on diverse subjects (dominantly philosophy) has been accepted and taught around the world for thousands of years. Of course, many of his ideas in Physics were wrong my modern standards but it really is a remarkable feat to initiate an idea and formalize it. Even Newton's theories which was once considered all-of-physics were proved wrong by Einstein and Einstein himself said that soon enough his ideas will be proven wrong by future generation of physicists. This quote is my favourite since it made me rethink the meaning of the word Excellence.

Its easier to know than to explain why I know it. - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle via Sherlock Holmes, British writer - Well, here comes the most famous detective of all generations. Doyle's Holmes has been considered by many as the standard by which detectives are measured. Of course, there a plenty of others in his stories and it may even take a whole post to cover all of them. This quote sorta defines the line between intelligence and common sense. It's like following annotations of a chess game by a Grandmaster when he dismisses a variation deeming it as winning for one side just by looking at the position whereas a patzer continues to question the judgement. Try following chess, for example, and you would perfectly realize the truth in this quote.

The greatest joy for a man is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms. - Genghis Khan, Founder of the Mongol empire - The authenticity of the translation under debate but it still is a great quote. I think you now would've understood what I meant when I said 'the quote you like defines who you are'. History is full of men who have fought, destroyed, torched millions of lives and resources for power and glory. Genghis Khan is one among them who almost single handedly expanded his empire that was four times the size of Roman empire (Courtesy: Iron Man). There's a difference between enjoying your victory and enjoying your opponent's defeat. Seems, Genghis Khan and I are the ones who does the latter.

With or without religion you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. - Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate - As a student of Science, I have always liked Nobel laureates. Interestingly, I first noted Weinberg not on lectures or texts, but on a movie in my native language. As the 'About me' section of my blog holds, am an atheist and have dismissed the notion of God as I continue to understand Science. With the atrocities and terrorism around the word and in my country in the name of God, it is crystal clear to me that what Weinberg said is like four hundred percent true.

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. - Albert Einstein, Nobel laureate - Einstein doesn't need an introduction. Probably, you would know more about him than I do. Only if you can understand the difference between learning and education, you could realize the beauty of the quote. The quote 'Classes will dull you mind. Destroy your potential for authentic creativity' from the movie 'Beautiful Mind' pops up in my head. I don't say that the quote is an absolute truth but it kinda depends on the learner. Education should be viewed as a means to achieve further learning and not as an end in itself. Am no authority on learning, but I have seen many who think College education is all that is about on a particular field of study. Luckily, I don't think so.

Ah, I have visit some place today and wanted to blog before I do. Meanwhile, situations have forced me omit EPL and CL in the last couple of posts, but let's make up for it in the next posts. And something interesting.. My blogger shows that I have been frequent visits to my blog in Switzerland. I don't know how or who, but I feel really great that someone from a different part of the world is enjoying my blog. Thank you. As always, Write ya soon.

Until then
Yours Aye,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yup, It's a cruel world we live in. There's no denying that. But that doesn't mean I have to suffer for someone else's fault. There's a lot goin on in me for the last couple of days and to be frank, I can't deal with it. I can't eat, I can't sleep, let alone do my work or be a happy young boy I once were. Everything around me looks too dry, nothing seems to interest me. I feel as if everything is made and is functioning to make the world more cruel than the moment before it. But if it's true, why hasn't it taken twenty five years of my life to understand this basic fact of life? I wish I was foolish enough to believe in an Omnipotent God. At-least  I would have tried getting out of all these pain surrendering me unto Him.

We meet many everyday. Not all become a part of our life. Some remain strangers, Some become friends, some get closer and a selected few whom you think you can't let go. They become a part of you, stay with you for some time and make you feel that you have lived all your life with someone that you are lucky enough to meet and befriend. But when it comes to the very moment when you are left with no choice but to let them go, you end up a complete wreck. You feel that almost everyone have conspired to throw you into an abyss without ever understanding that there is no one else to blame but you. If there's one absolute truth in this world, it is that nothing lasts for ever. Yeah, I would be the Nth person to say you this (where N tends to infinity), but even then some, especially and including me, forget it and try to figure out ways to turn things their way.

Do you know what is so hard about forgetting something? It's not the toughest of questions, especially If you've ever been through that before. Every instant you try so hard to forget it but all it does is remind you of those very same memories you try to forget. The harder you try, the longer you remember. It's exactly what's happening for me right now. Everything you see, anything your friends say tends to remind you of those memories. Maybe, you, inadvertently, connect everything to the one you love and memories they left you. It's like running deep into a jungle believing that you may find a way out, only to end up being completely lost without any hope of return. You would not know what else to do, who else to meet desperately wanting someone or something to save you from, what seems to be, everlasting agony.

Well, in my case I tried doing stuffs. I went through some chess games, tried to read books, look upon some of the most beautiful theorems in mathematics, played the guitar, all of which once gave me ecstatic joy and immense pleasure, but none came to the rescue. Not knowing what else to do, I tried to take my mind off by watching some of the best porn movies I have in my computer. No use!!! Above all, I tried watching 'Vinnai thaandi Varuvaaya', overwhelmed with great certainty, that it would give me what I was seeking, what all the above others failed to do. But you now what? My monumental certainty was equalled only by its colossal collapse. I could still feel it coming down tumbling down into pieces. I was completely broken to realize, that there are somethings in life that even VTV can't heal.

Experiencing such a predicament, I now am completely blank. All I, foolishly, wish is that someone could get me that pill from 'Matrix' and I, without any second thought, would take it for it could be the only way to forget everything and move on, like none of these ever happened. Don't you think so?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Have you ever felt so guilty that you look everything around you with rage? Have you ever felt so ashamed of you for not being able to control your own self? That's exactly what am going through right now. I am so angry on me that I am not able to control me or my thoughts, that am in a such a mood that I would beat me to death if I were before me. I feel like a trash, unworthy of anyone's love or friendship and undeserving of kindness of any sort. And please, this has nothing to do with love in the sense that you are thinking now. But it's rather a feeling of guiltiness, a condition of being unable to comprehend oneself and the fear of facing every moment, one after the other.

What kind of a man are you if you cant see the affection that your friends have in you? No matter what or how irate you are, Can one not see how deep he hurts the people who loves him? Probably, many who know me would kinda say that am a great guy to hang out with. One of my best friends, he's also a guy whom I not only respect but also admire, once even told me that I have, what do you call, Interpersonal skills even though I did not even know what that meant then. But now, having been through what I have been through, I would declare that as Falsity at its uttermost best. Because, deep down I knew am downright ugly, possibly, the meanest, remorseless and evil creature. A creature that ought to be handled with no sense of pity, something that ought to be hafted without mercy.

How would you face the very moment when you realize the limits of your wickedness. How well would you feel when you are in a situation that grips you to the boundaries of your maliciousness and venomousness? Am not sure how many of you would have to suffer those horrifying moments and I pray you better not. Because when you do, you'd rather wish you'd have jumped into a pool of lava or an crooked arrangement of swords and spears that would gut you out. It's such a terrible feeling, a devilish mental pressure that could suck your soul out of you. It's better to be insane than to be sane of your abhorrence acts for that is one reason people who lost their minds could be considered the luckiest of beings.

Well, bearing the burden of my craziness is so huge that I feel I could succumb to it any moment. But, What can one do when he has done something that he knew that couldn't be undone at any charge? Except for to suffer the never ending punishment feeling worthless from within. I tried to escape all these by trying to forget everything about it but all it took is a phone call to throw me again into the dungeons of inferno. I did not know that I am going to regret attending the call when the phone rang. But something are just meant to be and for me, the call happened to be the one.

They say forgiveness is the best revenge. It was better when read than to feel it. To experience it is tantamount to everlasting torture in the circles of hell. She must have known that. Else, why should she choose to forgive me? For God sake, why should she opt to remit the brutality of my actions? Just to make me a miserable piece of shit who has no choice but to live the rest of my life consumed by guilt and live a life of eternal disgust. Cursed to live in agony and distressed by the compassion she showered upon me. At-least for now, She left me wondering, Is there a better way to avenge one's torment??

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's always good to be writing what you have in mind. It's like talking to a friend. Unfortunately, I have a mix of emotions today. Actually, am not sure whether am happy or depressed. I had to give a lot of time thinking whether I really should be blogging. And, finally, am in.

Well, this post is gonna be about my favourite songs from languages (Okay.. that's a bit exaggerated. It'll be mostly or completely from Hindi and English) other than my native. Though most of the south Indian languages are similar to Tamil and pretty much share the same, yet tweaked, pronunciation, I haven't, say, fallen for any of them. English - I'll get the lyrics from around the Web. As for Hindi, am completely blank even after having attended a few Hindi Classes. In fact, am a Madhyama graduate, yet it was just a namesake.

Kehno ko jashne bahara hai... - Jodhaa Akbar - Rahman always fascinates me. He always does. I love this song so much without knowing the meaning of a single word. After all, don't they say Music transcends all barriers? Javed Ali is great in this song. I also like the tamil version of the song sung by Sreenivas, I believe. It has some wonderfully written lyrics for a soundtrack that was composed for an altogether different language. Well, one thing about this song is that this has been my 'Hellotune' ever since I knew that this song was available in Airtel Hello Tunes. My mom loves this song very much as does many of my friends and I, and I have no idea of changing my Hello tune in the foreseeable future.

Tere Bina... - Guru - When Mani join hands with Rahman, they don't ever miss to flatten me. The refrains of the song are way too good and they became my ringtone for quiet some time. The song was a beauty with Rahman himself pairing up with Chinmayee, and I don't really care about lyrics and stuff from such a combo. The movie, based on Ambhani, is one of my favourites. Abishek lives up to his father's name, totally in control and kinda perfectly fits the lead role. The 'Mayya Mayya' number is again another best from the movie, for the kind of instrumentals used.

Chand sifarish... - Fanaa - I was lucky to watch this song with the subtitles. Though I could not connect the words to their exact meaning, I was both attracted and addicted to the song and the lyrics. According to Wiki, the name of the movie itself possesses a mindbogglingly amazing meaning - Destroyed in Love. Am not sure as to such a word in my native language. I don't think we have. Cute. The movie is not so good, at-least for me, and seems to be made for a National award. Not sure whether it got one. But the song, absolute delight. Even if you don't understand Hindi, try googling the English translation of the song and you will not be disappointed. Guaranteed.

Pehla yeh pehla... - Tera mera Pyar - It's an album song. I've never dreamed that I would go crazy over a Hindi song, let alone from an album. But this song just got me over. The song lasts for just over four minutes but captures a totally romantic time between two hitherto strangers and how they fall for each other. I too understand it is not practical but who cares especially when you are too consumed by the artistic marvel of sounds. I don't know the singer's name, never even given a thought of finding it but he was totally awesome. I firmly believe that women's voice are much more attractive and flattering than that of men (Hope you would agree), but this guy shook my belief for sure.

Aashiq banaya aapne... - Aashiq Banaya Aapne - Wow.. look what've we got here? The name of the song is exactly the same as the name of the movie. And another 'Wow' for the song. My girl Shreya does it this time and you cannot find a more beautiful female voice at-least in this world. That's how she made me feel. Himesh too is good but is no match for my girl who outclasses everyone with her unique voice and style of singing. I've not seen the movie but the visual is a good watch.

There are a bunch of others but the ones listed here are among my all time favourites which I cannot rate one over the other. I still couldn't take my mind off and it's like cracking my head up. I tried smoking four in a row, no use. It just wanders around the best days of ma life and reminds me that I can't have them back. Damn me. Lemme have another smoke and meanwhile, I bid adieu to yo all. Good Night. Write ya soon.

Until then
Yours Aye,