Sunday, October 28, 2012

What a match week we had this time in the Championship group stage? Real lost their first match while Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester city lost theirs as well. I don't know why City is struggling in European football while they continue to be the title contenders in the EPL. But amidst these upsets, Manchester United came triumphant after conceding two early goals to prove once again that they are rightly called the "Come-back Kings". Not is this the first time for United but they seem to concede goals early in the match this season and then struggle too hard to make a comeback. Well even with these results, with the notable exception of Manchester City all the other clubs are more or less into the Knock-out stage of the Championship.

Now to the EPL, Arsenal has shown they still haven't got back the form with which they started the season. QPR weren't as good as they were in the last season but they still put some laudable resistance against the Gunners. City managed to grab a much needed win to put more pressure on United, whose match against Chelsea today is significant. If United win it, they not only will be able to shut the gap that Chelsea has built at the table, they'll also stay with City in the title run. But otherwise, Chelsea is gonna go way ahead that would take some time for the Manchester teams to catch up. A draw seems to be a more amicable result, I think.

I had a chat with my brother this week about my blog. It was at the time, I (or we) came up with the idea of listing some of the best songs of Tamil cinema that brings out the glory of maternal tenderness and affection. Most tamilians could instantly quote such songs but I have my own list which is gonna fill up much of my post today.

அம்மா என்றழைக்காத... - மன்னன் - Enormously excellent song! None other than the invincible Vaali could do a better job of celebrating Motherhood with such glorious lyrics. We have to give credit to Vasu too for making a song like this and the film remains as one of his best till date. Ilayaraja has again spun his magical wand to hypnotize the audience with his music, while it is Yesudas for me who reaps all the glory with the finest vocal I've ever heard. I read somewhere, that all the aforementioned men were in tears when the song came out in its final form. Worth it. Remarkably, two of the songs in my list portrays the trio of Rajinikanth, Ilayaraja and Vaali.

சின்ன தாயவள்... - தளபதி - Janaki has given her finest in this song. The sync between her voice and the music is simply superb. The lyrics of this song, along with the musical, is a class by itself and who else do you think other than the great Vaali can do that? The song also bags some of the finest performances of Rajini in the big screen. No dialogues, nothing stylish... he simply steals the show with this facial expressions and body language that matches the feelings oozing out from the song. Well, I was thinking of the Classic films of Tamil Cinema and Mani Rathnam engulfs my list with his movies (this being one among them). The plot is not new at all to the tamilians. Its follows the main line of the Mahabharatha, but Mani proves that 'making' could do all the difference.

ஆராரிராரோ... - ராம் - Well, if Raja, the Elder, can do two, can't the younger Raja do one? Yes, he can. Yuvan's maturity grows up with his every new project and it was blatantly apparent in this film. It should've been easy for Yuvan to realize that if he wants the best of this song, then he gotta hand it to Yesudas. Ameer is definitely the director that the film industry would look into in the current and next decade and this movie tells you why. This song is quiet modern compared to the first two songs, but nonetheless equally extraordinary in bringing the delicate intimacy contained in motherhood. Hats off to Yuvan for this song.

காலையில் தினமும்... - New - Well, most people kinda think that only God can rival the Rajas in music and come away triumphant. I do too. Only because I believe in Rahman. There is no way that any of my list regarding music, irrespective of the theme, is gonna end without him and this list is no exception. Surya is one among my favourite directors especially because he's got a good feel for music (But that should not justify his decision of composing his own music for his next film). Well I am happy to inform you that its Vaali again. Rahman gives a thoroughly enjoyable music accompanied by Vaali's lyrics which is more than enough to carry you away. I put this song at the last coz it also accounts for love other than motherhood.

Well, Tamil Cinema is never dry in sentiments and motherhood being the mother of them all. Right from the time of Ramachandran to the age of Rajinikanth, the directors have never let it down. Consequently, we could count almost finitely many songs along this theme but these are my favourite which I thought should or must earn a place in my blog. Those of you who agree raise your hands. Well if you see, most of the immortal names of Tamil Cinema is here in this post. That went well I believe. So... write ya soon.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Well, this week's EPL went quite well for the big clubs except for Wenger's men. ManU won comfortably against Stoke City (except for the weird own goal by Rooney), City just edged it at the final minutes of the game to grab all three points and Chelsea continuing on their winning streak without a problem. On the obverse, Barcelona had a thrilling match but nonetheless won it, thanks to Messi, after having briefly threatened by Deportivo while Real scored a decent win. Barca's match was notably interesting as it points out their defensive inadequacies without Puyol and Pique. That Deportivo could score four goals among the once invincible (even now but to a lesser degree), indicates that there is something seriously wrong. But overall, teams look poised as they go for their respective CL matches midweek.

I watched some three movies this weekend and one of them happened to be a French thriller. A thought of posting about the Non-english slash Non-Indian movies I've watched popped up in my head and I decided to do that after finishing what I've started. So, What do ya think?

ஒரு கல்... ஒரு கண்ணாடி... - சிவா மனசுல சக்தி - I must admit I don't have the 'ears' for songs like this atleast during the first time I hear them. It was my brother who is bestowed with such 'ears' and he was the one who pointed out to me that this will be among the best of Yuvan. And, he was right. I've already told you that when U1 gets to sing a song, he aint going to let it lightly and I don't wanna repeat it again (Oops.. I already have!). And the film requires special mention. Jeeva and Santhanam forms a truly amazing comical pair and they ensure you laugh your guts out with their timing and chemistry till the very last frame.

ஒரே நாளில் வாழ்கை... - புதுப்பேட்டை - I did not have any intentions of dedicating this post to Yuvan but it is happening so. Rate the best songs sung by Yuvan and this will be among the top three. Not only for the music, this song is appealing for its content too. The message brought out kinda perfectly matches Yuvan's voice, that gives you a lot to enjoy - particularly the sync between the singer and the composer, who happen to be one and the same here. Fascinating stuff. And for the movie itself, If you havn't watched 'Godfather' yet and if you are only concerned about the pace of a Gangster-screenplay, this is the movie for you.

வெண்ணிற இரவுகள்... - பேசு - It's Yuvan again. Most likely, you would not heard of this movie or this song. Maybe due to the fact that the film was never released. But see, it happened to have a great song. Unfortunate for Yuvan and Tamil Cinema. Had it been the other way, this song would have been celebrated for its excellent use of guitar, both Acoustic and Electric. If not for Facebook and Youtube, we would've lost this masterwork of Yuvan. Atleast it got me to believe, FB was, afterall, of some use.

யாரோ? யாருக்குள் இங்கு யாரோ? - சென்னை 600028 - Two songs. Two versions. Two themes. I don't know about you but I like this song. Especially the one about friends. First-rate musical by Yuvan. The movie emerged as a sleeper hit launching Venkat Prabhu's career as a director. The love version of the song stands testimony to SPB - Chitra's eternity in Tamil Cinema. Both the versions were penned by Vaali, my favorite lyricist, and he proves that he is still younger than the writers of this generation.

Okay, How about we wrap it up for now? I tried to make five of Yuvan but couldn't find the next that would fit the list. I considered some, most of which are good, but not good enough to make it here in my list. Sorta concluded that I don't necessarily have to bring one among them just for sake of this 'five thing'. G'Night all. Write ya soon.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Well, this is not the first time my prediction went awfully wrong. I thought the Lankans could capitalize on the sub continent conditions but the Windies blew them away to lift their major trophy in recent years. Congratulations to the Windies!!

Meanwhile, we also had a fantastic El Clasico this season. Messi and Ronaldo scored two goals each to make it level, as Barca held their eight points lead in the bigger picture. While one of Messi's goal is out of pure luck with Pepe, one of my favourite player in LaLiga, completely mistiming the ball in his eagerness to clear it, both of Ronaldo's goal were his signature net-finders. But one cannot miss the sumptuous free-kick that rocketed thro the wall and eluded the best keeper in the world to find the back of the net - only this time it is not Ronaldo but Messi. If this goes on and on like it happened in this Clasico, all the other football players of this generation will soon be forgotten amidst these two Titans of the game.

என் அழகென்ன? என் தொழிலென்ன? - மின்சார கனவு - Hariharan is always among the best and he never disappoints. Like in this song, for example. The lyrics of this song are just awesome. Maybe the reason I chose this over the more romantic version is because this version is more than romantic. It's tragic. I've only one complaint about this song. It's too short but that's okay coz it marks deep it's impression upon the hearer with some fine music and finer lyrics.

இது காதலா? முதல் காதலா? - துள்ளுவதோ இளமை - When Yuvan places himself with the microphones, he wouldn't let it go without a masterpiece. This song came at the start of his career, but even then he placed his mark and send out a message to all, that he is all set to become the finest composers of his generation. Of course, many followed to confirm his message but this song is still fresh and never fails its place in Yuvan's Best. The film was sleeper hit that year and I was at the right age to appreciate the message that was brought out in this film.

காதலின் தீபம் ஒன்று ... - தம்பிக்கு எந்த ஊரு? - My most favourite of Rajini's songs. This song was composed almost thirty years before, but still finds a place in this list. That by itself should tell you the magnificence of its composition. Rajini with a boy-next-door charming look graces the film doing a great deal with his humorous dialogues and body language. The scene in which he reads a Porn book is a classic. The film is an out and out entertainer which I would watch even now without getting bored, even after having watched this movie like a twenty times.

ஒரு நாள் சிரித்தேன்... மறு நாள் வெறுத்தேன்... - விண்ணை தாண்டி வருவாயா? - How the hell did Shreya not find a place still in my Blog?? Sort of puzzling, even for me... There was once a time when I contemplated whom to marry - Shreya or Chinamayi? I later dropped that idea only because I did not want to choose one over the other. And for those of you who suggest me to marry them both, that's asking for a bit too much, isnt it? Rahman's idea of insetting verses of thirukural is just as amazing. If you're wondering why I chose this song among the other equally good songs form the same film, only this contains the Legend's voice in it. I still remember the thundering applause in the theatre when Rahman starts singing in this song. The crowd loves him and I love it.

கண்ணுக்கு மை அழகு... - புதிய முகம் - Now we are facing the same old problem. Two beautiful songs with the same starting lines. Never mind, both of 'em carry the same style of writing and are superbly written by Vairamuthu. Vairamuthu was having a tough time to get this into a song and showed this to various Directors and Music directors to make a song out of this. All of them appreciated this for its poetric beauty but no one seems to be interested to make a song of out of it. At last, it took Rahman's stroke of genius to make it work and it worked out to be the best songs of Tamil Cinema. Unni Menon and Susheela were incomparably good in their respective versions, though Vairamuthu steals the show with his lyrics.

மின்னலே... நீ வந்ததேனடி? - மே மாதம் - Wah...Wah..Wah... I just can't think how many time I've to write about Rahman in my Blog. He makes me do it. He is a maestro of music and there is nothing wrong in writing even a thousand lines about him. Hope you would agree. This song is mind blowingly portentous. I sometimes believe, as would many of you I suppose, that the knack of bringing the best of Rahman could only be perfectly done by Mani Rathnam. There are only a handful of others who can do that. This song is unusually quiet, soothing and comforting. Truly the song I want to hear whenever I feel dejected.

சொல்லாமல் தொட்டு செல்லும் தென்றல்... - தீனா - Ooof... I thought my list will end without a single song from Thala's film. Glad I got atleast one. Hariharan comes magical again. Like most of my favourite songs, it bags some of the best lyrics written in Tamil film industry. Thala will be sorta cute in the whole song sporting a charming look and the song sequence itself is well shot. I'm sorry but I have this vice of trying to translate my favourite lines from tamil songs. Here is one from this song:

If God were to come on earth and fall in love with a girl, his predicament would be as piteous as those mendicants of the streets.

Even I don't feel this is good, I just wanted to do it.

Good, I've done a great deal today. Seven, actually. A good count after a series of short posts. Well, its nine minutest to twelve and I think that's a pretty good time to stop blogging. Good night chaps. Write ya soon.

Until then
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Windies losing wickets and the Lankans miserly in conceding runs. Hope this T20 final will not be one-sided. The Sri Lankans have lost many a finals in the past, it seems they are not ready for that kind of a result this time. With India out of the series, it doesn't matter to me which side win. All I want is a nail biting climax in this form of the game and that too at the grand finale.

Back to our blog, where were we? I am goin to continue with my favourite songs.

Show me the meaning of being lonely.. - Back Street Boys - This is my favourite song in English. Actually, I never liked any songs apart from my native language mainly because I don't understand the language. But what magic can music not wield against a guy like me? This song has excellent vocals and marvellous lyrics that blows me away every time. The video of the song is again good, portraying real life incidents of the singers. Overall a song I would enjoy all my life.

என்னை தேடி காதல் என்ற வார்த்தை அனுப்பு.. - காதலிக்க நேரமில்லை - Guys, don't scratch your head searching for the song from the movie, coz it's not from the movie. I believe most of others would remember it though. It was the title song of the serial with the same name that was telecasted in Vijay TV. This song created a craze among our teen generation. I don't have the vice of watching serials but on one fine morning I heard everyone in my college talking of this song. Our guys ran crazy for this song, frantically hunting to download it. Almost everyone around me, be it the college canteen or in our shuttle, this song was there. And the song's worth it. In the days followed I too sat in front of the TV just to watch this song.

காதல் வைத்து காதல் வைத்து காத்திருந்தேன்.. - தீபாவளி - It's Yuvan again. Damn amazing. The lyrics of this song are awesome and I don't mean in a small way. If you don't understand Tamil you must consider yourself unlucky for you cant understand this song. Song of a guy who is waiting for the love his life to understand what she means to her. Actually, you cant move away from the song even for a tiny bit. Every lyric and every sound of music is crafted so that you would feel like you are enjoying the best five minutes of your life. Needless to say, this song is a huge hit among the tamil fans and I strongly suggest you hear this song. I know 'போகாதே' is equally good and many would go insane preferring one over the other as I did.

உன்னாலே உன்னாலே விண்ணாள சென்றேனே!! - உன்னாலே உன்னாலே - Harris occasionally does some good music and this song is one of those events. Not only does the song begins with an awesome line it follows up thro' out to be ranked among the top ten or twenty of Tamil Cinema's best song. More than the music, the lyrics forms the better part of the song and its only one of the few instants where I've found the lines of the song dominating the music and the visual.

The Sri Lankans have given their best to restrict the Windies to just 137. Given the sub continent conditions that score is no match for them. Ah... There the Lankans lost their first wicket, as I was typing this post, proving me wrong. The Windies are not going to let this easy.

ஹையையோ!! நெஞ்சு அலையுதடி.. - ஆடுகளம் - I had to undergo a great deal of trouble to type that. But I was determined to get this song in here. SPB at his best. I honestly doubt whether there will be a time when he stops singing. He has been singing for a long time and you don't even find a single mishit to say that he is too old to continue singing. As with all my favourite songs, the lyrics are great, written with a native feel without bringing down the quality of the song. It's not only SPB but Charan bags equal credit for matching his father's proficiency in this song. Actually you cant find where they swap voices, such is the resemblance between them and I wish they do this for the time to come.

The Lankans are going with a steady pace, scoring singles rather than making boundaries, and it seems they are deteremined to turn this match their way. Bowling was not Windies' best department and there's only a little chance that they win this title. Whatever.. Okay fellas, it was great blogging today and I enjoyed it. Hope you did too. Write ya soon.

Until then
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ManU is undergoing a rough phase of their campaign this season, but am damn sure they can bounce back under Sir Alex. On the other side, seems Australia will deliberately lose against Pakistan to ensure an easy competition at the knock-out stage of the game. Let's wait to see how this unfolds...

So, back to my favorite songs am going to add a few more today. Too many means too hard to pick a  song that atleast matches the awesomeness of the one before it. We're goin to start with Yuvan today.

இது வரை இல்லாத உணர்விது... - Goa - Unarguably one the best of Yuvan. Well, since I come up only with the first few words of the song, this song has hidden within two different versions that start the same but nonetheless are equally mesmerising on their own right. I mean both Andrea-Ajessh's and U1's. There's a reason I put Andrea's name first and you could've figured it out by now. Yuvan has done a wonderful job in handing her the song which adds style and substance to it that goes unmatched by any other song in Tamil Cinema. And the tragedic version, penned by Gangai Amaran, is toooo good. In fact, I was so attached to this song that I tried a English translation of it's lyrics. I christened it 'Hitherto'.

A feeling crawls up my spine. A feeling I've never ever felt hitherto. Never Ever. Something that broke my heart in pieces, like a hammer shattering an art of glass. That, Women could incinerate their feelings with such ease and insouciance.

And after all these pain and suffering, I now understand Love is nothing but a dream and Women, a curse cast upon men for not being what they really are. Such a bane that make men blind and drive them in search of true love in women, which don't exist and probably never will.

More than inflicting never-healing wounds on men, these damsels have a way of putting an end to their youth, joy, life and what-not, before men get any close to them. And I only wish to carve this Eleventh Commandment on my grave: "Oh My fellow Striplings, Thou shall not lose thyself in search of Love"

It's neither a  strict line by line translation nor a poetic passage, but something in which I put my own thoughts amidst the ones from the song. Hope you like it.

அஞ்சலி அஞ்சலி புஷ்பாஞ்சலி... - Duet - This must go among the best music ever composed in World cinema. Some of you would probably be readying yourself to kill me for not quoting the other songs from this movie, but am sorry I just made it to myself to pick only one per film. I firmly believe Rahman's Oscar should have been to him much earlier than the Slum Dog. Unfortunately, not many, apart from most South Indians, are fortunate to hear the numbers of Duet or Roja. And, It's not been for naught we hail Vairamuthu as the 'Emperor of Lyricists'. Man, you should hear this song. I don't know much of other languages but am truly grateful to the Almighty (the question of his existence is out of scope here) for sending me at the right time, at the right place and be at the right age to relish such a song from Rahman. I'll definitely come up my post of favourite lyrics in which this song will be topping the others. Truly Outstanding piece of work from Rahman.

காதல் ரோஜாவே... - ரோஜா - Here it is... the one from the eternal trio of Tamil Cinema: Mani Rathnam-Rahman-Vairamuthu. This film marked the golden age of Tamil Cinema for it marked the first time Rahman paired with Mani. The film is a huge hit bagging three National awards. The song is an instant hit winning the heart of all class of audience and it still stands the test of time, immortalizing Rahman's name with it. For those of you who've heard this song, it cannot come as a total surprise to say when I say that this song is one among the "Top 10 Best Soundtracks of all time" by the Time Magazine. So anything more I gonna say is gonna be like nothing.

There you see it. My suspicions have indeed come true. The Australians have done everything they can, to eliminate India from the Series. Good job Aussies!! Well, I hope my today's post went well. I enjoyed it. We'll do more next time friends. Write ya soon.

Until then
Yours Aye,