Friday, January 25, 2013

Am I to bell the CAT?

So, It's good to be back... Actually, am sorry I had to delay my post for no apparent reason. The past few days have been all fuzzy and I was in kind of no mood to blog. It's not like I was depressed or something but  think of it like I was not interested in blogging or was more interested in something more than blogging. Things went pretty well and I was enjoying the weekends with all my friends, but I realized its time to make some decisions, decisions which I may regret not making, not now but maybe ten years later, if I choose to ignore them now.

Before unfolding the drama, lemme share with you the best news of my recent times. My brother belled the CAT with a ninety nine pointer score and that according to me is absolutely a fantastic result. I say its fantastic because I myself have been a 'CAT-taker' on atleast three occasions. Needless to say that my score never went past ninety and I thought its almost an impossible job for anyone to do that. But as has been in my life, My brother has always been a trend setter. He has got a wide gaze, ability to look out of the box which I definitely lack, and to make decisions that I never dare to make. That's a spirit I've always admired for I knew it would take him places. It indeed has. Yet, a place in IIM is not just about 'CAT cracking' but it has more than that. We've got GD's, essay writings and PI's which can be a pain in the whatever thing. Having made this far, am sure as hell he's not gonna let them go easily. All I know is, say, fourth post from now I would be sharing with you all, the news of my Bro getting into an IIM.

So my important decision. My Dad has always been pushing me to pursue a masters degree. I dont know why he wants that but he somehow believes that in time a Bachelor's degree is one worth not having anything. Honestly, until a few days ago, I was content with what I had in my life. I've got a great job, a great salary, amazing friends, I live in one of the best cities in India, a cool bike, pretty freaking hangouts.. I thought my life was, you know, like perfect. I cant ask for anything more. But that made me lose focus in life. I kinda felt that this is all is life and there's nothing more to it. I mean there's only a couple of things I was interested in. Wake up in the morning to play Badminton, surf the net to understand the Hamilton-Jacobi equations, get familiarized with the branch(es) of mathematics that would get me close to Einstein's field equations, to quote a few. Apart from those, it was all mechanical. I spent almost ten hours in working place, wailed away time playing poker and just like that. I dont know why I did them but I now think maybe because I wanted to do something that would help me get back to normal or atleast keep me from this abnormal life I am in.

Okay then, I thought.. Let's give it one more shot. No more expectations of getting into an IIM but purely for joy of solving the Mock CAT papers. After all, those papers were replete with questions that would keep me busy and I've always enjoyed solving them. Moreover  I kinda held a view that I am not good at English at a competitive exam. Why not break it? The year or two I kept me away from all these preparations, I've now grown to love that language. Math and Logic have always been my favourite.. so what am I gonna lose here? And thats what kept me away from blogging for the past couple of days. I think, I could not blog as frequently as before but I'm sure I would not completely get rid of it. I think I've already made it boring enough for one day which makes it a good time to sign off. Write ya soon.

As always
Yours Aye,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My favourite One-liners

Well, Here comes another year... It's been a wonderful life so far for me and the way I see it, it will remain so for the rest of the days I'm gonna live. But I was always puzzled by the enthusiasm and celebration following January the First. Part of my puzzling is because I wonder what makes it special? Why the first day of every month not receive such a welcome and to be even more apt, why not the first of every week? For someone who enjoys every moment, who cherishes every day and hour of his existence and who loves 'thy neighbours', no day is different from any other day. Nyways, these thoughts of mine are in no way gonna interfere my greetings to you. I wish you all a very, very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

What makes this year special for me? I've an answer. Hold your breath Gentlemen - I got my FZ. My God, 'He' is awesome. Made of raw brute force. The moment I had my hands on him, I felt more 'male'r than ever. The Bike is the best of its kind, be it the looks, the control or the performance, you just could not find anything that's even close. My Dad owned a splendour, and I was attracted to that bike for a long time. Ever since the idea of buying my first came to me, I was sure it must be Splendour. Days passed and it was during my college days, Bajaj unveiled Pulsar, which I think is the most successful bike from them. It was, to my knowledge, the first bike that broke barriers in styling and stuffs. The bike looked cooler, targeted at the youth market and it did its best by grabbing everyone's attention. But by that time, I knew I could not afford a bike and decided that I would buy the next bike that would make me go mad at it. Here's me fulfilling that dream and this has been one of the happiest moments for me in 2013. To conclude, I would like to quote a one-liner that occurred to me when I was riding my FZee - 'I love my FZ. Does that make me a gay?'.

So.. The EPL. Phenomenal performance by Manchester United since the last time I wrote my blog. The way they came back three times to level the score and ultimately emerge triumphant against Newcastle United stands testimony to the fact that they are really, really the 'Comeback Kings' of English Premier League. Evra's goal is particularly to-be-noted for he earned it. Kind of a message like 'Just because am a defender, don't underestimate my finishing'. United proved dominant on their games against Wigan and West Brom too to retain their lead at the top of their table. Arsenal, like ever before, proved that they are too incosistent to be understood by an ordinary human. Thrashing Newcastle and showing too little or no influence against Southampton, I don't know what it feels like to be an Arsenal fan. City had a decent run over Christmas trying hard to retain their Championship but by the feel of it, all I could say is they can only give a tough competition to United. Chelsea... God save them.

We were discussing my favourite SMSs, remember? The list is incomplete yet of my previous post, and I'm gonna try and do it this time.

:: I walk with everyone yet feel so lonely inside ::

:: You never get a person of your type. You either adjust for someone who wants to be with you or compromise when you wanna be with them ::

:: Love is Beautiful, Wonderful and Amazing. You feel its the best feeling in the world until it happens to your daughter ::

:: What you want, you don't get.. What you get, you don't enjoy.. What you enjoy is not permanent and What is permanent becomes boring ::

:: There's no sweeter torture than making someone believe that you don't love them when you actually love them a lot ::

:: The ultimate mistake of man is not creating God but religion ::

:: Love never walks away, people do ::

:: Between two evils, I'll always pick the one I've never tried before ;) ::

:: There's always some truth behind every 'just kidding', some knowledge behind every 'I don't know', some emotion behind every 'I don't care' and some pain behind every 'It's Okay' ::

How about that for the day? Well, I think you'll enjoy them the way I did. The list is quiet big and I've to filter them to put a few here. Almost half of my SMSs are in my local language and that becomes an inconvenience for those who don't understand it. But I still wanna post them and I've just postponed it for now. Planning on posting a cute little incident that happened today on my next post. Let's see about that. So as always Write ya soon fellas.

Until then
Yours Aye,